Monday, 18 January 2016

New Bike....

If you're wondering what's happened, why no posts? - well nothing really - and there's the problem. I've barely been out for months, the cumulative effect of injuries, work commitments a touch of idleness and some bad luck with the weather means my monthly mileage since October last year has only just about reached double figures.

When I think about it, it's been the same for the last couple of years. I've developed into a fair-weather cyclist. I don't like going out in the rain and venturing out in freezing frost or ice is just plain stoopid - I forego whatever fitness I may have built up for staying dry and warm and then plan to build up again from March. Of course it never quite works out, certainly last year I never really managed to get fully fit and I've struggled as a consequence.

Oh well - maybe I'll get motivated as the days grow longer and the temperatures rise? - we'll see. So far we have no concrete plans for cycling trips this year. We know we should get something sorted but finding something suitable that fits within the holiday schedule isn't always easy. I'll let you know once we have a definite agenda.

Meantime Gary has splashed out on a new bike. I went with him to pick it up last Saturday from Rutland Cycles. Coincidentally Rutland is where I bought my bike from too - but it's changed dramatically since I was there last. The whole place seems to have undergone a transformation - much slicker and modern in its presentation and with a few new additions - the dedicated 'bike fit' area for one. While Gary was going through the fine details I took a look in there - state of the art digital technology with video tracking, all computer controlled - looks fantastic and i watched intently as someone got set up correctly. £200 for the full monty - but only £100 if you buy a bike over £1500 from them. Gary could have had the reduced cost bike fit - just for the price of the wheels on his new bike! It's a serious machine - Specialised S-Works Roubaix with Dura-Ace electronic gearing and the latest disc brake technology. It's presented in solid monotone, as is the current trend, but with some neat colour accents that add a bit of class. Be good to see it out on the road come summer.

Here's a few pic's....