Tuesday, 24 December 2013

112 mph on a bike!!!

Have any of you ever seen Guy Martin on TV - he did a couple of TV shows about him and his mate getting involved in various engineering projects - a bit like a younger version of Fred Dibnah really.

Anyway - Guy has just broken the national speed record for riding a bike. 112 miles per hour - that's right - 112mph on a push bike.

He did it by riding in the slipstream of a racing truck fitted with a windbreak - he had to cycle no more than 4 inches behind it - scary or what?!

The bike was specially made and features twin chainrings driving a massive gear - almost eight times that used by a typical Tour de France rider - he had to be towed to 60mph because the gears are too big to turn from a standing start.

There's a TV programme on Channel 4 on December 28 - can't wait to see how they did it!

The bike - showing the double chain ring set up

Guy Martin

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