Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A new plan...

I've just spent an enjoyable weekend break in Polperro, Cornwall with Kate, Gary and Val - the weather was simply sublime and it was just so good to be near to the sea in such a beautiful part of England. We were treated to a memorable supper at Couch's Restaurant in the village - well worth seeking out if you are ever in this part of the world. The chef proprietor, a young man who trained with Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsey and Raymond Blanc has created something really special and deserves some recognition for his efforts.

Gary and Paul at Polperro
But what has this to do with LeJog you might ask? - well, we saw first hand the terrain that will be the first part of our adventure, and it's very hilly! - but more importantly we came up with a new plan for the trip - and it is this.

Instead of travelling by train and then cycling the last few miles to Lands End, then subsequently booking into B&B's for the journey northwards and a final train journey from John O Groats back home, what if, instead, we hire a Camper Van? - This could be our base for the trip. We could contain all of our spare equipment, clothes etc within it, we would have somewhere to eat/sleep handy at all times, and if we felt we wanted to ride further one day (or indeed cut short) we wouldn't be confined by a schedule of predetermined overnight stops that might put us under pressure.

The van would be driven by Val/Kate and while Gary and I are on the road they would have the day free to explore and visit places along the way. Then they meet up with us in the evening. It seems like the ideal solution! - we have to look at costings and availability etc but it does sound like a good plan!!

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