Monday, 15 November 2010

Dinner party...

All ideas of training and a healthy lifestyle went out of the window on Saturday evening! Kate and I hosted a dinner party with Gary & Val and John & Jane as our guests for the evening. We cooked a nice meal of baked Camembert with a fig and walnut dressing followed by Fillet Steak with a mushroom gratin, Rosemary and garlic potatoes and french beans plus a trio of deserts including Chocolate mousse, Small Lemon meringue tarts and Raspberry, blackcurrant and cream pastries with a raspberry sauce

Then there was the cheese!!! - not good for us athletes - Roquefort, Swaledale Old Peculiar, Eppoise, Gorgonzola, Lincolnshire Poacher and Manchego

Worst of all the wine!!!! - Arrrgh - we managed to get through 11 bottles including a nice dessert wine - oh and there was a few beers and G&T's as well!

Here's a clip of our audition piece for the next series of the X-Factor!

Thankfully we managed a shortish ride earlier in the day - 26 miles - so at least the guilt can be tempered a little.

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  1. I deny any knowledge of this. It is not me trying to play the bugle, honest! I wasn't drunk neither was I rowdy. I have no idea why my wife disowned me after this fantastic evening.