Monday, 6 December 2010

No riding....

The leaves are down from the trees now, the light falling to earth for the first time in half a year. We have had frost, lots of snow, hail, sleet and thick fog - there is no denying it, winter is with us. For us, with ideas of 'the big ride' to come, this has meant a temporary halt to training - there's no conceivable way of venturing onto the roads at present - it is simply too dangerous, and definitely too cold. This morning it was -8 here in Leicestershire and whilst to look out from the sanctuary of a warm house and appreciate the beauty of the diamond bright landscape is one thing, actually becoming part of it and feeling those temperatures on hands and feet leave me thinking that a lay-off might not be such a bad thing. I can instead spend time dreaming and planning things in my mind - the new year is in sight and with it a bag full of resolutions, hopes and aspirations - targets to aim for and hopefully meet.

Last weekend the band I play in (Simply Crap) did a charity fundraising gig - the bike ride was mentioned and we managed to pick up some more sponsorship - so thank you, Katie & Dave, Stuart, and Mike Leyland - your donations are going to good causes.

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