Thursday, 13 January 2011

New Bikes...

I think we need to inform you all about our latest 'toys' - Gary and I have both invested (heavily) in a new bike each.

Well, it was the January Sales, these were bargains that couldn't be ignored! - Anyway Gary started it - whilst visiting his mother in Plymouth he spotted an excellent deal on a Specialized Roubaix - when he told me about it I knew that I'd have to do the decent thing and get one too! - I've bought a Trek Madone 5.2.

Both these bikes are completely different to what we ride currently, they're essentially carbon framed race bikes - we ride hybrids at the moment. Will we use them for 'LeJog'? - well we'll see, I suspect that we'll take them and use them, but probably not every day. The gearing is such that we may struggle on the steeper, hilly sections. But there's a long way to go yet, maybe we'll be so fit by June that we'll just fly up the hills.....

I shall be working on an additional page(s) for the menu at the top of this blog - this will be about our bikes and kit - it might be interesting to some of you - look out for it in the next week or so.


  1. you got a couple of nice bikes there!
    You'll do the hills ok on them...better than a hybrid.
    I took some convincing but am now road bike enthusiast+++ except on river towpaths!

  2. Hello Clive
    Thanks for the comment - We tried the new bikes, its been a while since I've ridden a thoroughbred! - the geometry is so much different from my hybrid, I found I was aching between the shoulder blades/ neck - I suppose its a question of getting used to the lower position? - Overall it felt good though, light and responsive - still not convinced with the gearing, I like the idea of a 'granny gear' just in case!