Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Now the work must begin....

With the damp, cold, post Christmas misery of January well underway it is time to realise that this is where our cycling plans begin. This is the time to start thinking about hard training, long rides, diet, nutrition, equipment.... you name it we need it all.

There is always some satisfaction in reaching a goal, and our goal this year is going to need much dedication. The steady improvement in fitness, the capability to ride 100 miles day after day - can we do it?

Cycling, it seems to me, is a sport that requires physical fitness and physical ability but not much else. Mostly it boils down to 'having the legs'. This is something of a frustration for those who don't have the legs and lack the inclination (or the time) to go out and get them!

There is not a lot to be gained from technique or skill, despite the various articles written over the years, none of it really makes that much difference. It's about the legs and everything else is simply 'tweaking'. Getting fit is a daunting task though, hence the urge to try the odd stuff; weird diets, weird helmets, shaving the leg hair etc.

I suspect the answer is the one suggested by an ex 100 mile champion, who when asked what was the secret said : "You see that pedal, when that sod gets to the top I kick it to the bottom as hard as I can. And when it comes to the top again I kick it again. And I keep doing that"

I think that might be it!

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