Monday, 7 March 2011

Pastry hands.....

It is often said that people with cold hands make the best pastry. I could make great pastry after going out on my bike lately - the effect of moving through the air with the added wind chill leaves my hands freezing cold, despite reasonable gloves.

On Saturday Gary and I rode to Aston-on-Trent. Outside of cycling another interest we have is bell-ringing. We've been doing that for almost 4 years, the last three of which seem to have been taken up entirely with mastering the hidden secrets of 'Bob-Doubles' - I don't expect there's many cyclist/bellringers out there - but if there is they'll know what I mean! - Anyway, we met at The Odd House, Newton Burgoland, and went via Ashby and Ticknall to the Swarkestone Bridge (It was here that Bonnie Prince Charlie halted his march during the Jacobite rebellion), then it was a fairly easy ride to the Church at Aston on Trent where members of our bell ringing band were practising for a forthcoming striking competition. We paid them a surprise visit, attempting to get warm in the church whilst listening to their call-changes piece. Soon we were heading back, this time taking part of the 'Cloud Trail' to Breedon and then back on the road to Lount and on to Ashby, finally retracing our route to The Odd House. It was a good effort and took in a fair amount of climbing. The cold was the only problem although by the time of our return things had warmed up slightly.

Total mileage for the trip was 55.5.

On a personal note I have been out every day for the past 34 days - I wonder how much longer I'll manage to keep that record going? - it's been a frosty start here again today, but the sun is out as I write and I'm hoping to get out at lunchtime for an hour, then again tonight - I'm riding to bellringing practise!

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