Monday, 14 March 2011

A speedy debut for the new bikes...

Saturday 12th March - From a morning sky of pale blue the sun shines with a new warmth, and already the cloud is lifting. It is without doubt a beautiful day. But there is surely something more causing this uplifting of the spirit and this wakening sense of joyful anticipation. And then I realise. Somewhere overhead a skylark, the first I've heard this year, is singing. A fully voiced-out pouring of trills and chirrups, a ceaseless stream of music falling note after note from the sky and carrying the promise of the spring almost upon us and of the summer to come.

Today is the day to roll out the new machines; the first time we've taken them out on a 'proper' ride. On the way to meet up I realise that i've overdone it with my choice of clothing - I'm too hot!! - too late to do anything about it now.
We head out to Market Bosworth, tackling the, for us, unchartered hill up from the yachting lake to the town centre - we've only ever cycled down this and it always appears steep, but we ascend it with no problems, the efficiency of the carbon fibre bikes becoming apparent. From there we travel out to Cadeby and then Sutton Cheney, now we are flying! - We overtake another cyclist who seems stationary - we are moving at about 26 mph now, the wheels humming along the tarmac and the road quickly disappearing in our wake. We ease up the pace as we pass through Upton, home to Sparkenhoe Cheese (Try their Red Leicester & Battlefield Blue). We stop for a minute - I adjust my cleats slightly, I've noticed a slight pain in my left knee, the shoes for my new bike are different to my old ones and use 'Look' pedals and cleat system - soon we are underway again, through Shenton and Far Coton, Congerstone, Shackerstone, Snarestone and we're done! - It all happened so fast!

We both commented on how much quicker we ride on the new bikes, they are worth at least an extra 2 or 3 mph, maybe more. The best thing though was riding along with a constant smile!!

Mileage for the trip was 42.

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