Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hill Ridware...

This Week our 'Beer Run' saw us head into sunny Staffordshire for a visit to The Chadwick Arms at Hill Ridware. Except it wasn't sunny, and for once, I felt this pub didn't live up to expectations. Our Wednesday rides have long been something to look forward to; to savour and relish. And so it was this evening, our ride from Burton on Trent took us through some idyllic countryside and quintessential English villages. But the destination, the end result, was a pub that seemed to be struggling for an identity.

The flagstone floor looked like a fairly recent addition, not original flagstones but more B&Q circa 2000. The beer selection was minimal - Banks's, Pedigree and Merry Monk - I chose Banks's which was okay but could easily have been dispensed from a supermarket can. The pub also boasts a fully functioning Cantonese Restaurant, tacked onto the side as seems to be the fashion in quite a few pubs in the Midlands these days, no doubt due to the economy and the desire to attract more trade. In my experience these pub/take-away establishments never quite work - they confuse me and the whole thing just doesn't feel right - I'm too old-fashioned maybe?

The Mercia 'Elders' - left to right, Ken, Peter, Tim and Norman
The 'elders' of the cycling club - Peter, Tim, Norman and Ken are setting off for a cycle tour of Northern France next week. Sacre Bleu!!

Somehow I wished I was going with them - the whole adventure sounds like an upcoming episode from Last of the Summer Wine!

Mileage tonight - 62

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