Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Into May.....

Farewell then to April - the warmest on record I believe. Temperatures have soared, everywhere there are people lolling around, lying on grass that should, according to the date, be too damp!

Men of a certain age have dug out the Baden-Powell shorts and been silly enough to wear them. Thirsty plants in dry gardens have been relieved by water from as yet unbanned hosepipes. And a summer shines down on us, the righteous and unrighteous; the AVer's and the No to AVer's. Blessed be the British in the spring of 2011 - for we are warmer than Los Angeles, drier than Madrid and cosier than Corfu. This could well be the defining springtime of our lives, the vivid, varied greeness that expands daily in the treetops and hedgerows, the lengthening lightness, the infant lambs tottering across warm fields - it has been a spring to savour.

Then of course we had the Royal Wedding - I couldn't not mention it! - Although this is strictly a cycling blog I think it is made more interesting by the the mention of memorable news - when I look back in years to come I'll remember that on the morning of the Will and Kate's wedding I rode 25 miles in sunshine with a hard headwind! - But the wedding was great I thought - Royal occasions are something at which Britain is undeniably world class, anyone still harping for a republic should forget it , at least until the fever has died down! I watched on TV and couldn't help thinking what a great pageant, what splendor, what history - fantastic, and good luck to both of them.

As for training, my monthly total for April was 855 miles - I thought about pushing for 900 but in the end decided against it. I have ridden everyday for the past 3 months and I feel I've done enough. I need a rest! - So I've had the last two days off - I will be going out today for a couple of hours but I think May will be gentle - we do have a couple of longish rides planned and as D-Day gets closer it will be important to rest and save ourselves for the real thing.

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