Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Spring into summer....

The lanes I ride along are narrowing daily as the verges are fattening. The early wild flowers have already been eclipsed, cast into shade by the stingers and the froth of cow parsley. This ubiquitous perennial is one of the first to stir in spring, the finely divided foliage pushing through ahead of the rest; but it will be over in a flash as spring breaks and steams towards summer.

I have taken my bike in (Trek 1) for it's 'pre LeJog' service today. I know it will need a new chain, rear cassette and probably two chainwheels - also I have a broken spoke at the front and the rear brake is not working efficiently - plus I'm treating it to two new tyres, the existing ones having served me well for the past two years. Trek 2 (the new bike) is now well worn in - in fact I suspect I will need to change the chain on that one too.

Gary and I have agreed to ride on a CAMRA Real Ale bike outing this Friday evening - we can't make it to the usual Wednesday Beer Run - so it seemed justified that we make an extra special effort to attend the Friday event! - Peter Rose from Mercia Cycling Club is the organiser - a stalwart of the Real Ale scene around Burton on Trent, An enjoyable evening is guaranteed!

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