Saturday, 21 May 2011

Two Weeks to Go. Granny Gear or Not ?

This month has not been as active as last month, but I guess I should be winding down a little, ready for the big challenge. I have managed to stay fit and healthy throughout the winter, but this weekend I feel lousy, a sore throat and cough. A pity really as I was looking forward to a ride to Meriden for the 90th Annual Cyclists Memorial Service.

I need to get over this, get out on the bike and build up for the ride in a fortnights time.

The Sirrus has had new chain rings, chain and rear cassette fitted along with a full service. This was done at the Specialized Concept Store Birmingham. The staff were very pleasant and helpful.

I have been riding the Roubaix for about 1300 miles. What a bike it is. At first I thought it was a big mistake. I had been riding my flat bar Sirrus for 15 months and found it to be light and responsive. When I rode the Roubaix it seemed unstable and uncomfortable. Now with the miles completed it is very responsive, very fast and handles like a dream. I can climb hills quite well on it and flat roads are despatched at speed. It certainly puts a smile on my face when racing down the country lanes.

I have a problem though....Just how bad are the Devon and Cornwall hills, will I need the granny gear on the Sirrus ? The jury is out on this at the moment.

Friday saw us being photographed by The Burton Mail, hopefully this will generate some more interest. No doubt Paul will say more about it.

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