Sunday, 29 May 2011

The worst thing!....

... that could have happened, may have happened!

Gary has been suffering from a cold - he's over the worst of it now, my youngest daughter also has a similar infection - and now I supect I might have picked up the bug.

I have the sore throat - the usual early indication that things can only get worse. I'm taking everything I can lay can my hands on at the moment - Vitamin C in copious quantities, Lemsip, Honey, Vitamin tablets, Brandy, Whisky ... you name it I've tried it - even all those new remedies that you spray up your nose. If I get a dope test before setting out I'll be off the scale I should imagine.

I know that none of this will make a difference - if I've got it, it will have to take its course. But after all the hard work and effort, all the planning and training, it will be a total disaster to have to attempt this challenge suffering from a cold!!! - I know that riding those distances and especially the uphill slogs will be impossible unless I am fully fit - last year I rode a 60k Audax with a congested chest and I suffered badly for about a week afterwards. I'm not sure what I can do? - Early nights, sleep and rest perhaps?

I'll see how I feel tomorrow - we're planning a ride up the steepest hills around here as a tester - If I can do that without any adverse effects maybe it will be okay?? - I just don't know?

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