Thursday, 2 June 2011

Piles of preparation....

With just a couple of days before we set off its been a time for making lists. And then assembling the items from the lists into suitable, packable sized piles.

I have a pile for cycling clothing, a pile for normal clothing, a pile for tools and spare parts, a pile for energy/gel bars, a pile for bike cleaning and lubrication and a pile for cameras/video and associated battery chargers plus wires/cables etc, then there's a pile for first-aid emergencies and not forgetting my pile of bottles of beer!..........
There's a big pile for food, quite a big one for bedding, toiletries and towels... There might even be an additional pile or two that I haven't thought of yet?

I've also cleaned my main bike this morning. We've decided we're riding on the not so 'new' bikes. I've stripped mine down and cleaned, degreased and polished it. I've lubricated all those little spots that are hard to get to - the brake and gear cable bits, the cable routers underneath, all the little springs and cables on the rear mech - it's been enjoyable and the bike looks great now - I even cleaned the handlebar tape, which being white shows the dirt - everything looks like new.

The bike's ready - and I think I am too.

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