Thursday, 11 August 2011

I think I'm jinxed.....

Last night was my first time out on the Wednesday 'pub-run' since my accident. My fast bike is in for a service and awaiting new tyres so I reverted to my trusty Trek 7.6Fx. This bike is a good workhorse, okay it's slower and heavier than the Madone but perfectly functional and ideal for an easy Wednesday night ride.

I met Gary as usual and the two of us headed off to Burton. I'm a bit rusty after a layoff of a month but we rode steadily and arrived at the meeting point with plenty of time to spare. It had looked like rain was possible, and with the added burden of a blustery headwind I was encouraged to don long bib-tights and a warmer long sleeve jersey. Arriving in Burton I realised I was wrapped up a little too snuggly.

The Old Crown - Wigginton
We waited around for other riders but it remained just the two of us. We knew that some people would be heading straight to tonight's venue so we decided to carry on. We picked up Ken on the way and the three of us rode through the lanes heading to Lullington before making our way to Wigginton and The Old Crown Inn. Suddenly I heard a shout from Gary who was riding behind. He had stopped at the roadside and Ken and I turned round and rode back. His back wheel seemed to be locked up, hindered by a brake block. Closer inspection revealed his rear wheel was locked against the bottom of the frame - he said he heard a pop? - we examined more closely and soon the problem was obvious. Two broken spokes on the back wheel.

With no chance of a roadside repair I volunteered to cycle back to Gary's house, leave my bike there, pick up my car and drive back to pick him up. Ken would carry on to the pub to meet the others and we'd meet him there later.

As I cycled back to my car I couldn't help thinking: the last 3 pub-rides for me have each produced a drama of some kind. First the gears on my bike exploded, next I went over the handlebars and ended up in A&E, and now this..... Things happen in threes so they say?. Perhaps I'm jinxed?

I picked Gary up in the car, we loaded his bike and drove on to the pub. Ken and Tim were there but no one else. We enjoyed a few pints of quite refreshing Boondoggle beer, a light, citrusy brew. The pub was a slight disappointment though, no real atmosphere; everything seemed too new and bright and almost 'club' like.

Soon it was dark and for those riding bikes it was time to get moving. Now it had started to rain. As we climbed into the car we were slightly glad that we weren't riding!

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