Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Catch up.....

I'm aware my postings have been somewhat diminished of late - sorry about that - I suppose, having completed what we set out to do, there is now less to say.  But I miss it - I will try to add things occasionally, and when we decide on our next 'challenge' I will endeavour to spread the word.

In the meantime, what's been happening? - Recently our friend Sean celebrated his 50th - to mark this milestone our band 'Simply Crap' played a spot at his party - he is in the band too so that worked out well - but interestingly he also reformed a band he had played with in the late 70's - a punk band called 'Out of Order' - he made some CD's of this old band using various recordings he had, he repackaged them and sold them to his unsuspecting guests on the night. The great thing was that he donated all proceeds to our LeJog collection - we made around £75.00 on the night which was fantastic - thanks Sean & Helen for all your efforts.

Gary and I went to a social night at Mercia Cycling Club last night. We hadn't attended one of these before but were tempted by their guest speaker - Adrian Timmis who is an ex-professional rider who had competed in and completed The Tour de France, in the year that Stephen Roche won it. These days he makes a living from coaching and a shop that sells high end specialist bikes and equipment. It was an interesting evening, he talked for probably 90 minutes covering nutrition and various training techniques and methods - he also answered questions on what it was like as a young English cyclist riding the Tour. I came away realising that his world was a totally different one from mine - everything he does is related to fitness, performance and speed - I'm in a different place -I'm never going to get to the levels he was talking about. But it was inspiring and there were a few ideas that might help us in the future.

The weather remains relatively warm and inviting - we must make the most of it - I'm going out to ride 25 miles right now.

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  1. After the talk we went to the Coopers for a couple of pints and a packet of scratchings!!??!