Saturday, 24 December 2011

It's Christmas!!!

Well almost. It is in fact Christmas Eve. Our house is looking extremely festive; there's garlands adourning the beams in the cottage, we have a tree outside the front door and another inside, both are liberally decorated with baubles and lights. We have just completed all preparations for tomorrows feast - my daughters are joining us for Christmas lunch - the table is set, the turkey is prepared and ready for roasting. Vegetables are all prepared too - I've just baked some bread which we can use with the leftover turkey for sandwiches with pickles in the evening. Our cocktail kit is out and has already been tested! (I have the hangover to prove it).

So, I think just a short ride this afternoon to sharpen my appetite would be just the ticket. I shall wear my santa hat and shout 'Merry Christmas' to everyone I see. It's quite warm here and the sun is out as I write this. It is calm and clear and seems perfect for a gentle amble around the lanes. Cycling of late has been pretty much non-existent for me. All the 'last-minute' Xmas stuff and some poorly timed work projects, combined with poor weather, left me with no time; the month has been a disappointing one in terms of mileage - I try to think of it as my 'resting and recuperation' period - hard work starts again in the new year (at least that's the theory)

It just remains for me to wish all of you: those who have followed this blog, those who have generously donated to our charity fund raising, all of our friends and families, a very happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

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