Monday, 26 March 2012

Excellent for cycling...

What a glorious weekend. Absolutely magnificent, not only to look at, but also for riding. I woke early on Saturday, the birds outside were particularly piercing. It has been said that the UK has the very best dawn chorus in the world - characterised by a slow development, a kind of evolution each year, all the solo performances finally coalesce into a new sound and release an outpouring of song. It’s our own private chorus that transforms the darkness into light.

As I set off for the first of two weekend rides I'm slightly concerned by the fog - or is it mist? - what are the defining parameters I wonder? - something associated with density I suspect. Here, it looks misty - it is possible to see through it, but the ghostly vapour shrouds and obscures some of the distant landscape. Nevertheless I'm away and quickly surmise that the mist/fog is lying in patches - but nothing thick enough to suggest any need to mention pea or soup. I have been trying to take in a few extra hills lately - and so I take the option of a left-hand turn and head towards Market Bosworth and the climb up to the town from Carlton. This starts with a fast descent - I'm quickly up to 28mph and building up a decent momentum - but as the road shifts to an uphill gradient that speed and effortlessness is swiftly wiped away - it's a slow slog to the top now - but today it arrives quickly and soon I'm through the town and heading out into the lanes.

In places the mist swirls around fields and spills over into the road, like steam from a giant cauldron of regeneration. Gradually though the sun is seeping through the haze. breaking it down, burning it off - but it never quite manages to complete the job - for the rest of the day there will be a gentle haze. As my ride comes to an end I pause to stand my bike against a wall and take the photograph herewith - a symbol for spring time.

My sunday ride was compromised to some extent. I had my mother over for Sunday lunch and decided a late ride would be the best solution. The day was even warmer than Saturday, no mist and a bright blue sky, clear of cloud and with a pure morning clarity that lasted all day. We sat out in the garden sipping wine and eating strawberries and cream - it really was warm enough - more like summer than spring. After I'd taken Mum home I got back in time for a quick 15 miles - the clocks went forward last night, the extra daylight in the evenings is welcome for cyclists wanting to maximise training. or just simply enjoy the countryside on a beautiful warm day. I couldn't wait to get out - to get the wheels rolling, feel the breeze on my skin, the sun in my eyes and feel my spirit roar - it's as if the bike wants to help too, it wants to move. It's a short ride but I notice that flowers are appearing like stars on a clear night. Things are definitely getting better.

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