Friday, 30 March 2012

Exciting weekend....

This weekend we won't be going out on our bikes. We'll be going out with them but not on them. It sounds like a puzzle, let me explain. Gary and I have three bikes each. Our respective partners also have bikes. My kids have bikes. All these bikes need maintaining, last time I took my bike in for a service I think it cost around £200 to get everything sorted out. So it makes sense to service the bikes ourselves. Not only will it be pleasurable and rewarding but we'll save money! The thing with new, modern bikes is that there's an aura of complexity about them. Carbon components, torque settings, tricky springs and twiddly bits around the gears etc. We figured the best bet was to be shown what and how to do things properly. To that end we have booked a weekend cycle maintenance course up in Lincolnshire - in the two days we will cover everything we need to be able to service and maintain our bikes. I'm really looking forward to it and I'll report here early next week to tell you how we got on.

In the meantime I thought it would be interesting to post a more 'visual' blog today. I keep writing about the route I take around the lanes here - what if I gave you a sort of virtual ride in photographs - my usual route in pictures...... why not? - here we go...

In the bike shed...

Heading towards Market Bosworth

The uphill road to Market Bosworth

Pretty cottage - Market Bosworth

Bosworth water park

Gated road, Market Bosworth to Sutton Cheney
Fields around Sutton Cheney
Filling up at Upton

The bench at Upton

view from the Upton bench

Shenton Church



road into Congerstone

Uphill slog from Congerstone to Barton in the Beans
more up hill!!
Barton in the Beans
view across fields at Congerstone
Almost home!

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