Friday, 23 March 2012

Warmest day....

It's only March and yet already the TV weather pundits are telling us that 'yesterday was the warmest day this year....' and that today could be even warmer - but it's the time of year when we are shifting from winter to spring - obviously it will get warmer. I know what they mean though - yesterday was truly 'warm' - more summer than spring I thought. I donned a short sleeved jersey and shorts for my ride to visit my mum - and I was flying. There are occasions, for every cyclist, when everything clicks together; body and machine working in perfect harmony, the bike seems to float and powering it along takes no effort. This happened to me today - from the moment I set off I felt good, within yards I was hammering along effortlessly at over 20mph. At one point I was travelling at 30mph - I was eating up the road, hills didn't worry me at all - everything was perfectly synchronised. When I arrived at my mothers I checked the timings - I had averaged 18.3mph over a 22 mile distance - good for me! - I wondered if I could have made 20mph average if I had used my 'best' bike??? - I'll never know.

Unfortunately the journey home didn't go so well - A couple of hours cooling down at Mum's probably didn't help - and there was certainly a headwind to hinder me, plus my Mum had filled me with boiled ham rolls and bread pudding - I didn't feel comfortable - in fact the last five miles were a drag. But that outward trip was a memorable one - it's a pity that synergetic phenomenon doesn't happen more often though.

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