Friday, 27 April 2012

Rain Rain go away!!!....

Getting out has been limited this week. The rain here has been incessant - We've missed the Wednesday beer ride - again. I know some of you will think we should just get on with it and get out there - stop being wussie - but there's no fun in getting soaked through, cold and miserable. Last year we rode through whatever the weather could throw at us in the sure knowledge that when riding LeJog we might have to cope with adverse conditions - but this year the challenge is somewhat different - we need temperatures upward of twenty five degrees and long hard climbs.

Anyway, I've managed to sneak a few short rides in between the showers. Yesterday I managed 12 miles picking a route I hate which includes a couple of sharp climbs. Today I've been looking out waiting for a suitable chance - as I look out right now it's stopped raining - for the first time today - so I'm going to take a chance. It's cold and miserable - the roads are wet; puddles everywhere, the bike is going to get messy and so am I - no mudguards!

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