Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Plans for 2013....

We've been working on a cycling project for 2013 - and finally we've got something sorted.

We'll be riding from London to Paris next July, arriving in Paris the day before the finale of The Tour de France. We'll be riding along the Champs Elysees and around The Arc de Triumphe on roads already closed and prepared for The Tour - not only that, we'll be in Paris to see all the razzamatazz as the Tour ends - hopefully with another British winner!!

I'll be posting further details over the coming weeks - I'm not sure if we might try to raise funds for our charities again - maybe we could push our totals raised up towards the £10,000 mark?

It's an exciting plan and one to be thinking about and planning for over the winter period - training will have to be taken seriously again come the new year and the warmer weather. But an event like this provides the inspiration to get out and do some miles.

As they say in France - Allez-Allez!!!, Vite, Vite!

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