Wednesday, 28 November 2012


It was an early start, the chilly morning air was criss-crossed with shafts of warmth as the rising sun cut through the mist and illuminated the foliage along the long, straight road in front of me. I paused by a tall holly tree, full of red berries and intertwined with an exuberance of flowering ivy. There are thousands of small flying insects, hovering as well as one or two honeybees stoking up on the sticky florets before the temperatures drop.

I move on cycling past a few stately oaks. The sky is a blaze of colour now, illuminating the myriad textures and fissures of the oak bark. There are many flies and insects attracted to the warmth held by the dense old tree and I notice a delightful mosaic of lichens and mosses encrusting areas of the surface.

A proper flood!!
No doubt you have experienced some rain. We have all suffered a soaking over the past week. Many roads in these parts have been unpassable but nothing like the picture here that I noticed in the newspaper! - Wow - he must be mad.

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