Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Weekend hat trick....

Sky around Congerstone
Last weekend I managed three outings on the bike - the continuing warmer weather together the looming trip to Paris providing the impetus. Friday was a short 10 miles - the wind made it feel longer and certainly harder - but it was enough to get me in the mood - and there was an interesting sky as darkness approached.

On Saturday I rode via Newton Burgoland, Snarestone, Twycross, Congerstone, Market Bosworth, Carlton and then home and did the same again on Sunday. The sun was warm and I was soon hot as I worked my way around the lanes. A tumbling sky threw great clouds before the wind and when the sun was obscured I was reminded that there is still a wintery grip to the world. But generally it was magical out there, sweet and fresh as spring claws forward and summer beckons in the distance. The fields are ploughed now and I spotted a lone heron standing in the middle of one. At first I thought it was some sort of decoy but as I rode past it lifted off, slowly and deliberate, and headed back towards the tree lined river towards the horizon. As I passed over the canal bridge at Far Coton there was a group of children all with canoes/kayaks - a school trip maybe, or a scout group? - cars were strewn along the road and the canal was  busy with a myriad of colours and shapes. The water, half shadow and half glitter, threw back the colours and tossed them with those of the trees and bracken like gold and copper coins.

Back home I looked at my bike. Soon it will be having a replacement frame, courtesy of the manufacturer. I have experienced a recurring problem with a failing seatpost and it has been decided that there is a problem with the manufacture of the frame. I am relieved that the problem is being sorted - however I will be sad to lose the original frame - the heart of the bike that took me from Lands End to John O'Groats and to the top of Mont Ventoux as well as countless other journeys both short and far. Somehow I'd like to keep it, hang it in the garage and, when my riding days are done, stand and remember....

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