Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sunday slow ride...

After a longish ride on Saturday, I went for a leisurely, easy ride on Saturday afternoon - gentle and stress free through the lanes and enjoying the fresh air and warmth - My bike will be changing soon - a new frame and I'm looking down at it as I ride, thinking that I'll miss it, a bond will be broken.

As I drift along in a vague daydream, my mind pings around uncontrollably, I don't really know where the time or the miles went, I enjoy myself just being out there and pedalling. Thinking about how Bradley will do at the Giro d'Italia, can he win? - moreover could he then defend his Tour de France title? - Winning both is a massive task - not many cyclists in history have managed it - I am thinking he can't do it, he doesn't have the absolute all-round excellence. Best bet I feel is the Giro but I suspect the Tour will be too mountainous this year - however lets see - and I'm particularly looking forward to watching them ride Mont Ventoux in the Tour - they'll do it a lot quicker than Gary and I managed last June!

PS - forgot to post this one from a couple of weeks ago!!

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