Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year....

Dear friends,

So, the festive period is, at last, coming to an end. The serious drinking is, apart from one last blast tonight, done. The turkey is finished, only the hard chocolates are left in the tin. Now is the time for the huge burden of self loathing and the dismal dark months ahead before spring.

But what about New Year plans? - a new bike perhaps? New adventures to be had? Certainly. Resolutions to be made? Without a doubt.

I won't be buying a new bike - I can't justify the outlay and the bike collection I have is ample for my needs. Do I need another? Of course not. Am I tempted? You betcha.

As for new adventures, this time of year, cold, damp, dark, is the perfect time to plan rides to be done when spring and summer arrive. 2014 has much in store. The Tour de France comes to England - surely we should be riding to watch the start? - Then there's the London ride which had its first run in 2013 - 100 miles. Gary and I are both entered into that. There's the Dunwich Dynamo - a through the night adventure starting in London and ending on the Suffolk coast at Dunwich - we've been planning to do that one for a few years - maybe this year? And what about our big challenge - we're talking about Ashby to Amsterdam - about 375 miles and once we're in Holland it's fairly flat I understand?

We'll be working on our planning now that 2014 is dawning and hopefully making some firm bookings to give us the impetus to keep on training through the cold months. I hope so anyway.

Right now I'm in my office at home - it's raining here. I'm dressed in my cycling gear and plan to make a short circuit between the showers. I have a few emails and bits and pieces of work to finish off before I can get out - I hope that the weather clears a little before then - if not it doesn't matter. I'll be heading for our local pub later and that will be the end of 2013. Another year passed but the new, shiny one following on immediately. Here's hoping it will be a good one for all of us.

Best wishes and a Happy New Year to all.

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