Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The weird and wonderful things we do on Christmas Day.....

Today, 10 million turkeys will be eaten in Britain.

If you're posh, you might be tucking into one of the 250,000 geese reared specially for the occasion - while pushing around your plate a few of the 10,000 tons of brussels sprouts that are sold at Christmas.

Or you could be one of the 1,548 people who will fill in and file your tax return on Christmas Day!...

Here's a few more interesting things that we get up to on Christmas Day.....

8000 people will log onto the DVLA website and tax their cars

200,000 of us will be at work - many on the minimum wage

95,000 people will eat Christmas lunch in the air as they travel to some far-flung destination.

One in three pets will receive a present - for 7% of them it will be clothes!

Christmas Day will see 120% increase in claims for a fire at home. With many people drinking from 9.00am there are numerous cases of people starting a fire whilst cooking the dinner.

On December 25 the average amount invested online in a savings account is just over £2000

Online sex shop 'Bondara' will see more than 30,000 visitors on Christmas Day

Last year John Lewis saw a 15% uplift of vacuum cleaner bags on Christmas Day

56% of people will check their work emails on Christmas Day

£76 million will be withdrawn via cash machines on Christmas Day

More than 4000 people will use Christmas Day to figure out how to challenge their parking fine online

There will be around 16,000 shops open

392 people bought a car on eBay last Christmas Day

1543 people will book a driving test

200 people will request life insurance quotes

674 people will die

1452 women will go into labour

A few people will probably bother to add things to blog sites!

Happy Christmas everyone

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