Monday, 23 December 2013

Ventoux on a Boris Bike........

Every now and then I see or hear something that reminds me, or takes me back, to when Gary and I climbed Mont Ventoux. So it was particularly interesting to read the story of three keen cyclists who tackled the task of climbing one of the toughest Tour de France mountains.... on a Boris Bike - and returned it within 24 hours!

Rob Holden, Ian Laurie and Matt Winstone hired the bike in London, put it in a van then crossed the channel and made the 800 mile journey to the South of France - then Rob climbed the 1,912 metre peak - using just one gear. The trio then drove back to London and managed to return the bike just 22 seconds short of the deadline which would have incurred a £150 fine.

Rob said " We went for a cycle ride and stopped for a coffee"

He paid £2 to hire the heavy 22kg bike from a docking station in Southwark, London. He managed to climb the mountain in 2 hours and 55 minutes.

Their prowess has been hailed by London Mayor Boris Johnson who said - "Huge congratulations to the trio who have conquered Mont Ventoux for charity and shown our Gallic cousins just how sturdy our city's hire bikes are"

Well done chaps - just amazing!

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