Monday, 24 February 2014

London calling.....

As the snowdrops cascade along the roadsides and the daffodils push relentlessly toward the light I wonder what happened to winter this year. We've had plenty of wind and rain but it hasn't been cold - not really. This time next week we'll be into March, already the mornings and evenings are getting lighter, it will soon be possible to get out after work. Today I wandered around the centre of Leicester in bright, warm sunshine - it's nice but probably not right.

Well, I've entered the Prudential 'Ride London' event. I've got until August to get fit and practise riding up hills - there are quite a few apparently. Leigh Hill and Box Hill being the most formidable. But looking at a few of the blogs with articles about last years event, it seems walking up the hills is acceptable - in fact, possibly, unavoidable - the sheer number of riders and, consequently, bodies means that it only takes a few people stopping and pushing to block the road for everyone else. I remember riding London to Brighton, around 1980 - it was impossible to ride up Ditching Bank - there just wasn't enough clear road. Anyway, the fees are paid, I am already in receipt of the first email trying to sell me a special 'commemorative' cycling jersey - of course I will have to get one.

I managed a couple of rides over the weekend - the same route on both days - totalling 36 miles or so, overtaken twice on Saturday and once yesterday - and every time by riders whom, I swear, were in their 70's. I take it on the chin though - there are some fit old gits out there - I wish I was one of them, but my programme hasn't started yet, nor will it for another month or so. I'm happy just to idle along right now - no need to push too hard or feel uncomfortable - its bad enough being out in the wind and rain. Plenty of time for torture later on.

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