Wednesday, 25 June 2014

French Revolutions....

My latest 'read' has been French Revolutions by Tim Moore - basically a self-confessed loafer who, seduced by the speed and glamour of The Tour de France, sets out to ride the entire course - all 2,256 miles of it. 

He tells the tale with humour and wit - i have to admit to be being totally enthralled by this account - it has kept me entertained for a while, I will be seeking further books by Tim - he has also ridden the 1913 route of the Giro - on a vintage bike! 

He may not be the world's most accomplished cyclist but he communicates his love of the sport and his admiration for the cycling greats - The book is dedicated to Tom Simpson and is full of references to the likes of LeMond, Hinault, Boardman, Anquetil, Merckx and Indurain to name a few. Whilst he is undertaking the ride Moore resorts to standard tactics, cheating and drugs! - it is, at times, hilarious.

French Revolutions is clever, entertaining and inspirational - it is fresh, personal and immensely enjoyable - worth a punt if you can find a copy.

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