Monday, 8 September 2014

Summer comes to an end - death is everywhere....

I heard it on the radio. Summer is officially over. As I look around I know what they mean - there is change; the light is different, more fragile and softer. Leaves are turning, shifting hues, there is an autumnal whiff in the air.
Despite this the weather remains good, no real rain to report and a late, warm blast has encouraged many mamils to delay hibernation. I've been out for a number of longish rides since my last distant post, the furthest being 75 miles. Gary and I have one last 'organised' event to ride next week - the inaugural 'Tour de Leicestershire' - 100km along quiet leafy lanes and field roads. The field roads bit could be anything - and we remain sceptical.
Yesterday we rode 50+ miles around quiet leafy lanes - no field roads - and we managed to get lost in the back streets of Desford. Other than that it was a pleasant Sunday morning jaunt, lots of cyclists around and the warm sun keeping us company all the way.
A week or so ago I rode a big loop to incorporate a visit to my mum. As I rode through Measham heading along the road towards Oakthorpe I couldn't help notice the roadkill - It was a case of more or less constant adjustment to avoid the bodies strewn along the gutter. Lots of rats, a fair few squirrels, rabbits, pheasants, a badger or two, even a cat. Any wildlife looking to relocate should avoid this postcode - definitely a danger of death.
My bikes need attention and I've been planning a course of action that will see my best bike cleaned, polished, serviced and mothballed for the winter. My older machine needs quite a bit of work - including (I think) new headset bearings - this is a job never tackled before so I may take it to my local bike shop for some expert attention. As the nights grow shorter and the temperature drops riding will inevitably fall away too - but we've had a decent year - already we've been discussing ideas for 2015 - no firm decisions yet, but I'll let you know!

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