Tuesday, 16 December 2014

To do list....

After another hectic weekend I've been working on a priority list for 2015. My two main bikes are in need of attention - the Trek hybrid is probably the most serious and needs some investigative and subsequent remedial work on the headset - not something I've tinkered with before. Plus, there is a problem somewhere in the bottom bracket area - then it needs the usual: chain, cassette, cables etc. At the moment I'm in no rush - but come the new year I think I'll want it sorted. My newer Trek - the Carbon jobby just needs a good service I think - definitely new brake blocks, chain, cassette - I'm wondering whether to change the pedals too - one came off last time I used it! In the meantime my trusty old steel mountain bike is my only option - which is fine - in fact I've been thinking of investing some time (and money) in some sort of 'restoration' - the bike is of a certain 'age' whereby it's almost worth considering.
I managed a short ride out this weekend - just 8 miles though - almost not worth bothering - getting ready took almost as long as the ride but at least it was a chance to get some fresh air and stretch my legs.
We're well underway with planning adventures for 2015 - a number of options have been tabled for our annual 'target' ride - something to aim for and think about during the cold, dark months. More to follow on those plans as they develop.

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