Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sunshine, Carbon and Payback....

March started out a good month for me. I finally got motivated into putting in a few miles. I'd been in a state of virtual hibernation since last November - virtually asleep most of the time and virtually no miles on the bike. To be honest I was dreading getting back on - any excuse would stop me. Its raining, It's been raining, It might rain, Its cold, Too dark, Too windy,  - anything would be better than going out on the bike and it didn't take much to stop me. The trouble is we've got stuff planned - rides looming up, and I know that they come round quick. I had to snap out of it and get the bike out - and I did. I rode to my Mums every Saturday in March, I even managed to cycle into work twice, and did an evening sprint in the dark on one wednesday. I covered almost 300 miles up until the last week - and I thought I might achieve 400 - but then I picked up a mystery bug which confined me to bed for two days and left me feeling tired, achy and worn out for the best part of a week - so i've had just over a week off again - its a set back but the bright sunny day that was Easter Monday gave me no option but to get out and enjoy.

And I did. It was warm - almost 20 degrees here - and I put on shorts and a short-sleeve top for the first time this year. My 'new' carbon bike has been hanging on the wall in the garage since last October - it desperately needs a service - but the mood was so optimistic that I couldn't resist pulling her down, pumping up the tyres and setting off regardless. And it felt good - so fast and smooth - its always a great revelation jumping back onto a thoroughbred after spending the winter pushing an old nag around - the difference is incredible. I didn't go very far - 15 miles or so, but it was so much easier, faster and smoother - it made me smile. Best of all I sped past at least four other cyclists - as if they were stationary - payback for all the times I've been the dawdler!

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