Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Hello - we're back!....

It's been a while, it feels as though i've been hibernating - which is partially true I suppose. Incredibly there have been no posts on this blog since last August! - sorry about that.

So, what's been happening? how are you all? Lots of stuff has happened since the last blog post - and I'll start posting more regularly to get back on track. Essentially though I was made redundant last year - the next day my mother suffered a brain haemorrhage, she's getting better, slowly, but it's taken a toll. Time has fled by and here we are, spring on the horizon and the new year well underway.

My new year resolution was to ride my bike every day - so far i've managed it; every day out on the bike, in the rain, snow, ice, storm doris... sometimes it's just 2 or 3 miles, sometimes 50.... depends on how I feel, what the weather is like and what else i have to do. But i've clocked up over 800 miles since January 1 - almost as much as I managed in the whole of 2016!

We've got great plans for this year - our annual 'challenges' will continue and we have two big events lined up (more details to follow). And we've got new bikes to tell you about! - all will be revealed!!

I'm keeping this short and sweet - just to get back into the swing.

Feels good to be back though.

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