Thursday, 16 March 2017

Proper cycle touring - our next challenge....

I've posted plenty about Eroica, which will be our first 'challenge' later in the year - but after that we have designs on a real adventure! Since riding Lands End to John O Groats we've been struggling to find a ride that offers the same sense of trepidation, impossibility and perceived satisfaction. But we have a plan for this year that will, hopefully, tick all the boxes.

We intend to cycle across France - end-to-end, top to bottom, Calais to the Mediterranean - however you care to describe it - it will be a decent test - and comparable to LeJog. We're thinking late August or early September will be the departure date - giving us plenty of time for planning routes and gathering equipment. Unlike LeJog, this time our endeavours will be totally unsupported - no support vehicle, no-one to help us if we get into difficulties - we will carry everything we need: camping gear, cooking equipment, clothes, spare parts, tools etc. In other words - proper cycle touring!

I've got a touring bike already and I'm upgrading the wheels to ensure I'm confident with their load carrying capabilities, I have panniers as well - just need to get the stuff that goes in them! The coming months will see us bickering over which tent will serve us best and who's carrying the cooker! We'll keep you posted on progress and decisions we make as well as updates on the route.

Meantime - here's the bike that will be carrying me!

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