Thursday, 24 February 2011

Forgot to mention....

Remember I said I was having trouble with my old winter bike?

I'd had a new hub on the back wheel fitted by a LBS in Loughborough - but I was never happy with it - the wheel rattled, it was noisy, the gears didn't work properly... I took it back a couple of times but it didn't really get any better. Then, just before Christmas I visited my really local bike shop - 'Bikes and Sports' in Hinckley - the guy there was friendly and helpful and I bought a really powerful front light off him. I knew he did servicing so I took my old banger in to him last Friday afternoon - he told me the hub was really cheap and nasty but he'd have a look at it - he called me later that afternoon to tell me that 4 spokes had sheared off from the hub and that basically it was useless - we decided a new back wheel was the best bet and he sorted out the gear alignment and serviced the brakes as well - all done and dusted and ready to pick up Saturday morning - a really excellent service and at a reasonable price too.

If you're anywhere near Hinckley I'd recommend 'Bikes and Sports'

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