Sunday, 6 February 2011

A weekend away...

I've spent the weekend in Lincoln - never been there before and I was pleasantly surprised. I took Trek 1 in the back of the car hoping to get in a few miles, my research telling me that the roads are generally flat. On Saturday we went to look around the Cathedral and wandered around the adjoining streets enjoying some wonderful little shops - i particularly liked the one selling all manner of little note books - I've got a bit of a fetish for notebooks. I noticed a couple of independent wine shops as well, one being particularly well stocked with fine burgundy (make a note JG!)

As for riding... well it was the weather really. Saturday rained relentlessly - I did manage to get out and got thoroughly soaked - on top of that the wind was formidable too - it felt like riding up the hardest of hills even though I was in fact on a flat road. Into the wind the best I could do was about 12mph - mostly it was more like 10mph.

On Sunday I managed to get out again - this time no rain but the wind was even stronger than yesterday. I rode through Skellingthorpe onto Eagle Moor and then North Scarle before circling back. The outward journey was impossible. Frustrating and totally demoralising - I could barely move forward - it was almost laughable, in fact it did make me laugh! - I couldn't believe that the wind could do such a good job of stopping me. The upside was that at the turnround point and with the wind behind me I flew back - it was such a delight, hardly any effort at all and I was travelling at 25mph - I passed a local group on their way out, all heads down and grumpy - I knew how they were hurting!

Only 35 miles done this weekend - but over 100 for the first week in Feb - a reasonable effort I think!

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