Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spring is Almost Here and Udderly kicks Assos

Looking at the logs of my training rides, I seem to be getting in a few more mid week miles, more to the point with the evenings getting lighter the rides are taking place on my local patch i.e. no street lights. A few times this week I have been able to get out, do a few miles and get back without the need for lights.

This weekend the weather has been a lot warmer. At least on Saturday it was. A chance to get a few more miles in on the Roubaix and a chance to cut down on the extra layers of clothing. Even venturing out in my shorts !!!! It's a lot easier riding with less gear on and my average speeds have been creeping up a bit now I am getting used to the bike.

Today however although it seemed quite warm in the shelter of the back garden, out on the road the wind was up, which made the ride a little less enjoyable, but good training nevertheless.

Paul mentioned the sponsorship from the Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream people. I have been a big fan of Assos Chamois Creme. I read all the reviews some months ago and bought what was rated as the best..........and the most expensive ! I have been using this for a few months and found it quite good. This weekend I reluctantly gave the Udderly Smooth Cream a go and found it to be excellent.......... In fact certainly better than the Assos Creme. No chaffing or irritation after a few longish rides.

I'll update the review of the product in a few more weeks.

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