Wednesday, 23 March 2011

50 days on the trot!....

Well, that's it - today I reached a personal goal of riding every day for the past 50.

And what a glorious day it was - almost summer-like with warm sunshine and relative calm. I rode 32 miles this lunchtime/early afternoon - in a short sleeved shirt and shorts!

The weather has a massive effect on how I feel on the bike. Today i rode with a smile, the sunshine and dry, clear roads making the whole thing a total pleasure. As I set off I felt I was bathing in fresh air; soon the anxieties of work dissolved and the day to day debris of life is forgotten - I drift into..... well nothing really, nothing at all, the rhythm of riding seems to create a void, random thoughts sometimes pop into the void but after a couple of hours I'm mentally far, far away - I think its just enjoyment and happiness... and gratitude that I'm fortunate enough to be so flexible in my daytime hours to be able to make the most of days like today.

I'm glad I made the '50 Days' - now I'll have to think of a new challenge - probably 600 miles for March?? that seems achievable. But if its a nice day tomorrow I'll have to make it 51.

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