Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Good Ride, A Lapse in Training and Back on the Bike

A very busy weekend. As Paul said in his last posting we managed to get out on a glorious Friday afternoon and notch up nearly 60 miles. This is great for me as I cannot get out as easily as Paul during the week although this Month I am up to 250 miles.

Saturday saw another journey back home to my home town of Plymouth for a family re-union. These are happy occasions, usually every six months or so, Mum, my sister Tracy, step brothers and sister Robin, Richard, James, Nichola along with husbands and wives Bryn, Val, Claire, Sally and Claire get together in a restaurant and always have a very loud and fun night. These nights entail good food and copious amounts of wine. The wine tends to bring out the more creative thoughts in our brains.

Anyway it looks like the Exmouth Exodus could be on the cards for later in the year. This is similar to the Dunwich Dynamo, the route is from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, cycling through the night to end up on the beach at Exmouth for breakfast.

I was glad I was not out on the bike early this morning as I was slightly jadded. However after driving the 240 miles back from Plymouth I managed to get out on the bike and get a creditable 40 miles in.

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