Friday, 8 April 2011

Glorious weather!...

Oh to be in England,
now that April's there......

The first lines of the oft quoted poem by Robert Browning seem entirely fitting on this most glorious April morning. The sun is strong and there seems little in the way of wind as I gaze from my window and contemplate todays ride.

We are a week into the month and I have so far accumulated 230 miles of good, hard riding. Last Wednesday's 'Beer Run' was superb - again, it was like a summer evening, we were able to enjoy some tasty Hobgoblin seated outside the Green Man at Clifton Campville it was a joy! And the ride home afterwards was all the more memorable for wearing shorts and short sleeves under a clear canopy of twinkling stars. Unfortunately for Gary he fell off his bike after he had left me. I've yet to find out the exact details, he tells me he suffered a few cuts but his bike is unscathed!

Today we are planning to meet mid afternoon and ride for maybe 60 miles - I'm looking forward to it - were it not for a few rather pressing work projects I think I'd be out right now.

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