Friday, 3 June 2011


We're getting close now. I admit to feeling a few butterflies in my stomach! Everything is packed and my bikes are ready. I just need to finalise the toolkit and spares and I'm done.

As I write this it's incredibly warm here, the sun is strong and the sky is a perfect summer blue. This sort of weather would be a little too hot for us I think - we need it to be dry and warm but not too warm!!. In terms of weather I've always been incredibly fortunate when taking holidays - I often think, when I'm going away somewhere, that my luck can't hold out; the odds are against it, but somehow I always seem to get away with it.... or at least that's how I remember it, which may of course be entirely different! 

The forecast for the first couple of days sounds okay - after that we have to wait and see - but we're expecting to experience some 'adverse' conditions somewhere on the route. And whatever happens I can't imagine anything will be as bad as the conditions we rode through over the last winter. Yesterday I picked up the shirts we've had made - they're okay, not exactly as the design but the limitations of the printing process meant we had to compromise a little. When we start the ride we'll get some photos and I'll try to upload them.

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