Saturday, 4 June 2011

We're on our way...

...well, almost.

It's 8.30 Saturday morning. The last items have been packed and added to the burgeoning piles of 'stuff'. How on earth would we manage to do this if we had to carry all our gear each day? - Hat's off to those people who are able to streamline their travelling paraphernalia, for me it seems impossible! Then there's the niggling feeling that something has been forgotten - I'm sure i've covered every possibility, not least because it seems I'm taking more than I'm leaving.

Anyway, this is it - today we'll travel to Lands End and start the adventure - I didn't sleep too well last night, mulling over the effort and possible pitfalls that face us over the next ten days or so. We met at the pub last night for a couple of pints and to talk about the trip. Our friend John joined us and said that we should be mindful of the task and not take any unnecessary chances - if we have a problem, if we are suffering too much, if we pick up an injury we should abandon. Of course he's right. There wouldn't be much point in trying to complete this if either of our bodies is breaking down. There's no real way to train for this sort of day-after-day exertion, we just have to hope that the work we have done will be enough and that we can pace ourselves in a sufficiently sensible way.

The sun is shining, its already potent and so, as the excitement and anticipation mounts, at least we have good weather for the first part of the journey. For those of you reading this, we will be attempting to keep you informed of our progress as we go - please keep looking, and thank you all for your kind wishes and support so far.

Bye for now.


  1. Good luck fellers, I'll be thinking of you!

  2. Hi Gary, its Greg at Bobs house in France good luck tomorrow for the start off. Greg n Bob

  3. Good luck...You will be fine...

    Cornwall and Devon is the hardest bit, Scotland is fantastic and very scenic :-)