Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Night Before..........

Thank you James for your donation.

We have finally arrived at our camp site. We had a great journey down here, but collecting the motorhome was a bit fraught, but all is well now. It may come as a surprise to most people that know us, but we are now in the campsite bar having a beer. We have been forced to do this in order to get a WIFI signal. A great thing this modern technology.

I need to mention my Mum, I received an e mail from her today, her first. She is now on t'internet for the first time via her new IPAD. A silver surfer (A bit like me), well done Mum !!!!

It's a bit chaotic in the camper van......can we find anything....No......Have we brought everything....we don't know yet

Paul speaking now...

I had a couple of messages from my daughters - good to know that they are worried about me!!!

Also a message from my old mate Darren - ex keyboard player in the most excellent and, world famous band.. Simply Crap. Darren turned his back on the fame, adulation and wealth to leave the band for a simpler life in Cornwall some years ago - but he's going to meet up with us tomorrow evening at the end of our first day of riding, at Holsworthy - which is a few miles away from where he now lives in idyllic exile, contemplating what fame and fortune he might have enjoyed with 'The Crap' - (ha ha) - see you tomorrow Daz!! - bring your money!!!

Okay - back to Gaz....

Thanks to all who have left messages of support.

A special thanks to Greg and Bob. Good to hear from you Bob, hope you are having a great time living in France. Do you remember the training for the Three Peaks, when you hurt your leg and could only walk in circles. Happy days, I think you aged about ten years over that weekend.

AND so the journey begins............

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  1. Well boys(and gals) great to see you all tonight and cant believe how fresh you both looked! Without getting too soppy i have to say i feel very proud and tell your story to all my friends and colleagues. With all the things you do you always do them properly and i have no doubt you will complete this and have w real adventure. Good luck all, wish i was fit enough to do it with you. Daz.
    P.s. paul the option is on the first settings page and called personal hotspot. I cant recall seeing that on your phone so there maybe an update required. Tras is on version 4.3.2 (settings, general, about)