Thursday, 14 July 2011

In France....

It's Thursday. I've just been out for a three hour bike ride through the countryside of southern France. A few hills, a bit of coastline, the smell of excellent gourmet food being cooked in a wood burning oven, and always courteous drivers. After I placed my bike in the dedicated and secure storage I walked round to the hotel entrance, and who should I encounter? The Schleck brothers and Fabian Cancellara, all heading out for a training ride. I manage to solicit a few autographs then wander to my room for a quick shower before taking in an afternoon of wine and cheese tasting.

In my dreams.

I went to the hospital last Tuesday, the fractures department to be precise. After finding the place and joining the queue I was summoned for an X-ray. The specialist who looked at the results 'ummed and arrred' for a while - he enlarged bits of the grey image and then zoomed back out again, then in again.... This went on for a while. In the end he decided that my hand is broken in two places, that's the bad news. The good news; the dislocated finger is not dislocated anymore. So, I was sent back to the fractures ward and then on to the Plaster Department. I've been plastered before - I remember it being distinctly uncomfortable. This time I have a cast from just below the elbow up to my fingers and around my thumb. Maybe they do better plastering these days because this one doesn't feel too bad - so far no itching at all.
My appointment for the removal is in four weeks' time. FOUR WEEKS!. It's only just beginning to sink in, no riding for the next four weeks - my fitness will be melted away, how will i keep the weight off? - what am I going to do??

Just dream I suppose.

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