Friday, 8 July 2011

Wednesday night... A&E

No posts for a while - sorry - after riding the end-to-end we've been contemplating what to do next, do we continue with this blog? Do we close it down?, Do we come up with another challenge? - Watch this space!....

In the meantime though we'll carry on posting bits and pieces - as you are probably aware, every time a new post is added the 'Le Jog' day-to-day diary gets pushed down the page. So I've added a diary page on the navigation bar at the top - so that anyone who hasn't already read through it can do so easily with everything in one place.

This Wednesday we were due to ride to The Red Lion at Newborough, I met Gary at his house and we were joined by another Paul who lives opposite Gary. We set off and, as usual, we were blasting our way into Burton on Trent, 26/27mph, I was in front and noticed a truck pull out of a side road up ahead, I slowed a bit to give him chance to speed up, I glanced behind me to see where the others were, as my eyes returned to the front I was faced by the truck which had stopped, I was almost on top of it; I slammed on the brakes, too hard! - I stopped but the front wheel locked and I went over the handlebars.

It all happened in a flash - I think ,as I went over, my bike hit the back of the truck, I ended up tangled up on the road with Gary and the other Paul rushing to my aid. I felt okay. I got up, I knew I'd banged my face/head and when I looked at my left hand my ring finger looked alarmingly misplaced. The driver of the truck came round and offered to call an ambulance, we declined that, but Gary called his wife Val who came down in the car to take me to A&E at Burton Hospital. I was there for around 3 hours, X-rays confirmed I had broken a bone in my hand and dislocated my finger. I had numerous abrasions and bruises and had somehow managed to break a back tooth. After a pain killing injection it took two doctors to realign my finger - it hurt! - I had to shout out whilst they were 'manipulating' it, a procedure made more painful by the fracture lower down in my hand. Another X-Ray confirmed everything was where it should be and I have to go back to the fracture clinic next week for a further consultation.

I read somewhere that everyone who rides a bike regularly as either had a crash or is about to. I hope I've had my share for a while. Good job this didn't happen just before we set out on Le Jog, or indeed during it!

Anyway, I'm okay, just a bit sore and bruised, my neck and shoulders are stiff and my helmet is a write-off. A big thanks to Gary, Paul and Val for their help and the doctors and nurses at Burton A&E.

Here's a few pictures - grisly stuff!

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