Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Last post I made a sneaky reference to upcoming challenges for 2014. I deliberately held back on details whilst we were awaiting confirmation. We had a mad idea in the pub one Friday night - why not invade France? - Row across the English Channel flying the Jolly Roger and when across plant a flag in French soil. It sounded so mad it could be ideal - we found a company who would supply a suitable boat, and accompany us across in their own support boat in case we got into trouble. We needed a crew of six rowers plus a cox - no problem there. And the cost - a mere £250 or so. This was a goer - the ideal challenge - not for this year but 2015.

Sadly our plans have been sunk before any oar sliced through the waves - apparently the French authorities have banned all such endeavours - and would use all powers available to enforce their rights. We're hoping the situation may change over the next year - which means 2015 is still a possibility - apparently more people have climbed Mount Everest than have rowed the Channel - It would be a great thing to attempt - and I can't swim!

Our cycling challenges for the year are shaping up. the big trip will be a cycle ride to Amsterdam in June. 300 miles or so - a doddle really. Then I had the news that I've been accepted onto the second Prudential London Ride in August - the first one last year attracted some publicity - the London Marathon of cycling - roads closed in London and riding over the Olympic course, there will be something like 30,000 cyclists - possibly more. Having been accepted I need to carefully read through the small print - everything sounds very strict - I'll keep you updated. Unfortunately Gary didn't get in which is a shame - I considered turning down my invitation because of that - however I think i should have a go at it - its another 100 miler and with a few steep climbs - and it has to be completed within strict time limits - but should be achievable.

Then there's the Dunwich Dynamo - 100+ miles through the night from central London to Dunwich on the Suffolk coast - we've been talking about this for a few years now - but never got round to it - this year we'll give it a go.

I managed a 20 mile ride last weekend in almost unbearable conditions. I arrived home totally demoralised - 20 miles felt like 300 - I battled through winds which literally stopped me dead - I was travelling at less that 5mph in some places - and the effort needed to make that happen left me totally drained. I really feel like not bothering until the weather improves - but then the weekend rolls around and I can't resist it!

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