Monday, 3 February 2014

February already?......

January flew by in a flash - only seems like 5 minutes ago since Christmas and now the mornings are getting noticeably lighter - another few weeks and I'll be travelling to work in daylight (maybe).

Very little in the way of riding to report - I was working on Saturday but managed a short ride yesterday - my bike computer has failed again - looks like I'm going to need a new one. Not that I needed it yesterday, I know the course and distance well enough, although sometimes it's good to know the speed.

On Saturday night we went out to celebrate Gary's birthday - a trip to The Black Horse at Appleby Magna (thanks Gaz) - haven't been there for years but Gary enjoyed a good Christmas dinner there. We enjoyed good food, cooked with flair and well presented. As usual we got through plenty of drink. Gary has purchased a rowing machine - which is a strange coincidence, because I too have been investigating a similar possibility. He takes delivery later this week so I look forward to a post on this blog giving a full report.

My eldest daughter is currently studying for a Masters degree at Birmingham University - and on Friday she sent me the news that she is now a published writer. She wrote a piece on Sherlock Holmes that has been printed in America - here's the link for anyone interested!

Not only that, she has also secured an internship at the BBC working on the 'Doctors' series. She's excited about that too.

There are a couple of crazy ideas that were suggested during the night out celebrating Gary's birthday.  New challenges! - I'm not sure if they'll develop but suffice to say they are mad enough to be considered. Further information to follow!!

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