Thursday, 24 March 2011

The ultimate challenge...

It's great here at the moment - it's summer-like - okay, not boiling hot but certainly warm enough for me have dug out my shorts and sandals!. And riding in these conditions is just so much more rewarding. I went out yesterday and rode 37 miles and today I'm hoping for at least 20.

Talking to Gary at Bell-Ringing last Monday we were mulling over what happens after we've done this mad ride. What will drive us to continue training and maintain the hard-earned fitness? We decided we'd have a go at The Dunwich Dynamo - a fittingly mad ride from central London to Dunwich in Suffolk - 200km, oh and it's done overnight! - there's some great clips on YouTube - people do it on Penny Farthings! - sounds like a hoot!

Then I saw an article in a newspaper. Apparently Vin Cox who holds the world record for cycling around the world (163 days) has set up a mass-start 'Round the World Race'. It sets off from London in February next year. Participants can choose their own route but must fund it themselves and comply with the stipulations of Guinness World Records for circumnavigating the globe. You must cover 18,000 miles, travel in one direction without significant deviation and take in two land based antipodal points. To judge from the interest to date he seems to have hit on a good idea - 20 riders have so far expressed an interest!

Are we tempted to sign up?? - it does have an awesome quality!!

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